Wish Me A Merry Christmas - Campaign Vision

The Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign is dedicated to:
  • Keeping “Merry Christmas” strong in America’s retail venues;
  • Telling retailers who have banned “Christmas” from their premises that their customers would appreciate the return of Christmas to these stores;
  • Preserving one of the last remaining vestiges of our nation’s Christian heritage, the public celebration of Christmas;
  • Preserving and promoting the symbols and language of Christmastime;
  • Working with and empowering churches and their members throughout all aspects of the Campaign;
  • Empowering consumers who celebrate Christmas to make their preferences known to retailers.

The Founding of the Vision

The idea for the Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign was birthed when one of its founders was shopping one December. After she had finished paying for her purchases and was about to exit the store, a cashier politely called out to her, "Happy Holidays!" As she had been in the store to purchase Christmas gifts, she was frustrated that the store was profiting from her Christmas expenditures, but was not willing to wish her or other customers "Merry Christmas."

Merry Christmas Wish Neither legalism nor anti-political correctness were the motivators that spurred her on to co-found the Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign, but it was the love for her God and His sacred holiday, as well as her concern that her children might not know or even remember that Christmas used to be celebrated very publically. Christmas has always been a time of public celebration during the wintry month of December for nearly all Americans, whether they are Christians or not. She did not wish to see her children grow up in a culture that was steadily moving Christmas out of retail and other public venues and
fencing it into only private celebrations, despite the overwhelming majority of Americans, 96%, in fact,* who celebrate Christmas. She realized removing Christmas from the public eye would be just one more victory for the Enemy, as silencing "Merry Christmas" is a way to avoid reminding people of the holy reason for the season. (To read more about this go to Attack on Christmas.)

Therefore, the vision of the Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign is to influence retailers to put Christmas back in the holidays. We begin by outfitting participants with the "It's OK, Wish Me A Merry Christmas" button. As they are faithful to wear their buttons during the Christmas shopping season, each Campaign participant will personally benefit from being greeted with the jolly "Merry Christmas" salutation. On the national level, the large number of customers wearing these buttons will send the message to corporate retail offices that Christmas shoppers expect to see Christmas signage, hear Christmas music, and be wished a "Merry Christmas"! (See an excerpt from our letter to retailers.) Together, the vision will become a reality.

*Source: Gallup Poll, http://www.galluppoll.com/content/default.aspx?ci=14410&pg=1

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