Wish Me A Merry Christmas - Million Button Goal: Thank You Retailers!

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The Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign would like to thank retailers who have heard the message and have responded by honoring Christmas in their stores and advertising.

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Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign participants! Together our voice is being heard and we are making a difference.

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November 21, 2011
Picture of a "Merry Christmas" decoration at Target!

December 20, 2010
"A sales clerk in Macys, she works in costume jewelry, said Merry Christmas to me and the others that were waiting in line. It was the first time I have heard it in a store in years. Thank you to her."

- D. Thomas

December 16, 2010
"A board member, Mr. Alan Moch donated multiple 'It's OK...' buttons and both our members AND staff were so very proud to wear the buttons and explain its meaning. Thank you so much Alan Mock for getting the Richmond Hill YMCA involved in the movement!"

- Richmond Hill YMCA

December 9, 2010
"Thank you to all the stores this year that are playing Christmas music and actually using the word 'Christmas'. After all, it is what the season is about and I refuse to shop anywhere that will not recognize it!"

- Valerie

December 3, 2010
"Thank you for remembering that Christmas is the reason for all of the excitement and good cheer and gift buying. When you acknowledge Christmas you will be inviting myself and people who think like me into your stores. I hope this never changes."

- Janet Gardon

December 22, 2009
"At Macys about ten years ago, a cashier wished me 'happy holidays'. I stopped for a second and told her that she had a very special name (her name tag was on her lapel), and that she should wish every customer a Merry Christmas. She thanked me as her eyes welled up, and agreed it was Christmas season, not a 'holiday' season. Her name was Mary."

- Soumax

December 4, 2009
"Super Walmart SELLING 'Christmas Trees' & has sign that says 'Merry Christmas.' Super Target has 'Merry Christmas' on there front door, and they have products that say it. The Home Depot has lots of 'Merry Christmas' products."

- Marianna

November 30, 2009
"I have seen two commercials this year where Sears is acknowledging Christmas. In one commercial 'Christmas' appears on the screen, and I've just seen a second commercial where the word 'Christmas' is spoken. Also, Kmart had an ad in the newspaper selling 'Christmas trees'. And last but not least, Kohl's has a flyer in today's paper advertising a 'Christmas Super Saturday' sale. Let's get some momentum going here!"

- Larry Kawa

December 8, 2008
"I just wanted to let you know last Friday I was shopping at JC Penney and when I checked out the sales woman wished me a 'Merry Christmas' not Happy Holidays, and their web site sells manger scenes."

- Lana Valentine

November 13, 2008
"My church has focused on this subject a lot and I thank you for your web site! I think it is important to thank those who do allow Christmas. An example I have just seen was the first Lowe's commercial for Christmas. A little boy and his mother are walking through the store and everything is changing for the Christmas season right before his eyes and when they get to the lights department an employee is holding lights that change into Christmas lights and he tells the little boy Merry Christmas! I was overwhelmed by this as I have not heard this from a major retailer in some time. I think we should take notice of this and thank Lowes."

- Robbie Williams

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