Facebook WMAMCThe cost to attend a student missions conference can be as high as $500 per person including transportation and lodging.  Offset the cost to attend by fundraising with our "It's OK Wish Me a Merry Christmas™" buttons!  They’re a friendly way of putting Christmas back in the holidays… and, you can make a 50% profit and have your trip to your student missions conference or subsequent missions trip paid for in no time.


If you sell:
Your Cost / Button
Retail Price
Profit That Goes Toward Your Attendance of the Student Missions Conference
50 Buttons
100 Buttons
200 Buttons

*You are well on your way to your student missions conference!!*
For information regarding the sale and profit margin on Car Magnets, please scroll down.

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Tips for selling the buttons:

  • Pre-sell the buttons at both your home church and the church you attend at college. By pre-selling the buttons, you don’t have to put any money up front. We’ll even send you a sample button to get you started!
  • Purchase extra buttons for those who wish they had pre-ordered one the first time around.
  • Sell the buttons in packs of 5 so that you sell more buttons. In order to make $300 PROFIT, you only need to sell 40 packs of 5 buttons each!
  • Partner with other students so that you get volume discounts when you order 1000 or more, thus making more profit (Example: 5 students committed to selling 200 buttons each.)
  • If you or your chapter sells 200 or more buttons, our media department will send out press releases to your local media (TV, radio and newspaper(s)) letting them know about your participation with the Campaign, to hopefully generate more interest in your missions-mindedness and fundraising efforts.
  • Car Magnets are also available for fundraisers and can be paired in a combo pack with buttons to increase sales. See below for information regarding the sale and profit margin on Car Magnets.

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By having students sell these buttons to local churches, you can easily grow your scholarship funds for your student missions conference. Ask the students to make a personal announcement in their church to help church members get behind the dual vision - students going to a missions conference and putting Christmas back in the holidays.

By mobilizing students to share this fundraiser with their home churches, you can access group / volume discounts that begin when your chapter orders 1000 or more buttons to increase profit.

Also, please contact us at for special payment plans designed to bless your student missions conference fundraising endeavor.

To date, we have distributed over 200,000 buttons.  As you can see, they are a popular Christmas item. 

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The It's OK Wish Me a Merry Christmas™ button is fundamentally an evangelism tool. The enemy desires to silence the profound spiritual message first announced at Christ's birth when the angel said, "I bring good news of great joy that will be for all people".  Silencing the greeting "Merry Christmas" is in essence silencing the good news, and the importance of the greeting "Merry Christmas" cannot be underestimated.  Saying "Merry Christmas" is one way to spread the good news because it reminds people of their need for a Savior as well as the great gift of salvation that was proclaimed for all people.

In addition to fundraising you will be contributing to our mission to put Christmas back in the holidays.  Get involved: purchase buttons and sell them during the Christmas shopping season in order to change the tide of America’s culture today! 

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The National Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign is an example of the whole life stewardship concept imparted at student missions conferences. Ashley Tarter, the founder of the National Wish Me a Merry Christmas Campaign attended one such missions conference, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Urbana in 1993 and 1996 as a college student from William and Mary. It is God's heart for His world that led Tarter to start the Wish Me a Merry Christmas Campaign in 2007. Christmas is about sharing the "good news of great joy which will be for all people." (Luke2:9-10) It is this good news that a Savior has been born that you are sharing with someone when you wish them "Merry Christmas". Whether on an individual basis, or community-by-community, or eventually nationwide, it is Tarter's hope that the culture of America will be changed through this simple and straightforward evangelism tool.

Her heart to help students attend equipping missions conferences such as Urbana, is apparent, "Urbana was a life changing experience for me, as it is for most students who attend. The message imparted through the experience at Urbana affects me to this day."

The Wish Me a Merry Christmas Campaign has been featured on Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family, CBN, The 700 Club and K-Love. Click here to hear more.

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  • Minimum order: 50 buttons @ $1.50 each ($75.00 total).
  • The buttons can be resold for $3.00 each or in lots of 5 for $15.00 (suggested).
  • Allow 2 weeks for your order to arrive.
  • Volume discounts begin at 1000 buttons ordered.
  • Special payment plans can be arranged for student missions conference attendees by calling 800-487-7137.
  • When ordering, use promo code “Missions” so we know you are an attendee.
  • Car magnets of the same design are also available for fundraising, see profit chart below (Minimum order 100 car magnets).
  • Click here for answers to FAQs.


If you sell:
Your Cost / Car Magnet
Retail Price
50 Magnets
100 Magnets
200 Magnets

*You are well on your way to your student missions conference!!*

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